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Welcome to
the bloom edit.

The Bloom Edit is an independent platform where aspirations bloom and creative minds meet.

Founded with the love for all-things-handcrafted, we offer carefully curated Blooms / flower bouquets & Edits / handlettered quotes.

Helmed by freelance artisans with full-time jobs, we have a simple vision to spread joy, delight & inspire the gift recipients.


If you'd like for something urgently, or have any customisation needs, drop us a note and we'll explore what works best for you! Do bear with us while we get back to you on our availability.

For enquiries, drop us a note at

The Bloom Edit is also happy to support and collaborate with local blooming artisans who, like us, aspires someday for dreams to take flight!


Come have a chat with us on our various social media platforms >>>


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